God Has A Dream - A Vision of Hope for Our Time - by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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"A spiritual message that if heeded can change lives as well as history."--Jimmy Carter

About Desmond Tutu

In 1984 Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize and was thrust on to the world political stage where he became a universally respected moral leader and human rights advocate. While Nelson Mandela and many other political leaders languished in jail or exile, Archbishop Tutu became the voice of resistance to the Apartheid government in South Africa where he faced one the most intractable and seemingly hopeless political situations in the 20th Century.

Desmond Tutu recording the unabridged audiobook 
of "God Has A Dream" in January 2004. 

As the highest ranking black clergy in his country, he campaigned tirelessly at home and abroad to end the racist laws that legalized segregation and the oppression of the non-white majority.

After Apartheid was finally ended, President Mandela asked him to serve as Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a historic attempt to replace hatred and retribution with understanding and resolution.

Now in his seventies, Archbishop Tutu wants to focus on the life of the spirit that politics encroached upon. He has always remained a deeply spiritual man and even during his two decades of globe-trotting, he spent several hours a day in prayer and meditation. It is through these intimate experiences with God that he says he finds his indomitable strength, his infectious joy, and his profound love. Even during the darkest days of Apartheid he would daily pray for the welfare of his adversary P. W. Botha, the unrepentant South African State President.

God Has a Dream is his most personal and soul-searching work. Unlike his earlier books which focused on the political struggle in South Africa, God Has a Dream shares the spiritual values that guided him and gave him hope in those troubled times.

With his characteristic humor and warmth, Archbishop Tutu offers an extremely personal and liberating message. In words that reach out to listeners of all faiths, he tells each of us how our individual and global suffering can be transformed into joy and redemption.

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