God Has A Dream - A Vision of Hope for Our Time - by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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"A spiritual message that if heeded can change lives as well as history."--Jimmy Carter

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There is no better way to experience God Has a Dream than to hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu read it in his own voice. That is exactly what you will get when you order our unabridged audiobook on four digitally mastered compact discs for $24.95.

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Give the gift of God’s Dream to your friends and relatives who may need hope in their lives during these difficult times.

10% of All Profits are Donated to Charity

10% of all the profits from this audiobook will be donated to charities which Desmond Tutu selects that are making a difference in the world. When you invest in this audiobook, you’re not only helping yourself and those who you share the CDs with—you are helping people all over the world who benefit from the work of the charities that Desmond Tutu supports.

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