God Has A Dream - A Vision of Hope for Our Time - by Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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"A spiritual message that if heeded can change lives as well as history."--Jimmy Carter

Resources to Help You Fulfill Your Part of God’s Dream

Dear Child of God,

We are building a community of resources for people like you who would like to further discover how they can be God’s partner. Only you can fulfill your part of God’s dream.

In addition to all the good you are already doing, you may wish to consider these twenty-first century tools for finding those who also need your help.

-- Desmond Tutu


A nonprofit philanthropy site that allows you to give to any of the 850,000 charities registered as non-profits in the United States and that also provides a guide of prescreened charities listed by interest-area to help you identify charities that are working in areas you wish to support. Also encourages innovative ways to give to charity like a “Charity Wedding Registry.”

A nonprofit philanthropy site established by AOL, Cisco, and Yahoo! that also allows you to give to any registered charity in the United States.

A nonprofit charity site that focuses on relieving extreme poverty and allows you to donate to or be an online volunteer for organizations that are trying to help the world’s most impoverished people.


A volunteer site that allows you to enter your U.S. zip code and find volunteer opportunities in your area.

A volunteer site that allows you to work with local people on community development projects for one, two, or three weeks in the United States and abroad.

A one-year national service program in which volunteers tutor and mentor youth, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean parks and streams, run after-school programs, and help communities respond to disasters.

A network of programs that tap the experience, skills, and talents of older citizens to meet community challenges.

A website that allows youth to find service opportunities in their area through entering their zip code, their interests, or their skills.


An international network of online activists, this website helps busy but concerned citizens express their opinions to the politicians.

A website that allows you to speak out on progressives issues and to send e-mails to your elected representatives.

This philanthropy site also allows you to write to your elected representatives about political issues.

Online resource for the activist community and a portal offering information about anti-racism activities to the general public.

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